Photo Editing

What photo editing is used for?

Photo Restoration
Photo restoration, before and after

Photo Restoration; restoring damaged image.: Preserve old photos by digitizing them and then restoring to original quality.

Photo restoration, before and after
New Photo image
3 pictures modified to make 1 brochure.

New photo; creating a new image by removing and rebuilding your existing photo.
In industry, a new photo is created when someone is missing from a group photo or perhaps is in one that shouldn't be. It is also used to create artwork for digital or print marketing as in the example above.

background dancers eliminated to form a soloist.

Image manipulation for personal use is typically done as gifts or as cake decoration (image printed on rice paper and then placed on top of a cake) Typically the "highlighted individual" is with someone they cannot typically be with, or the final picture is a collection of images of them through time.

Concept design
The merging of existing and concept as photography

Concept Design
creating a new proposal image by combining what is now with what you propose it should be.

Colour balancing  & highlighting
The merging of existing and concept as photography

Colour balancing  & highlighting
Taking a photo and giving it more life. In the above example, the image was initially an old printed photo.

General Cleaning; removing spots, marks, unwanted "bits" to sharpen up your image